Manabu Hirasuka

Posted by: melster - October 14, 2016


mh1Manabu Hirasuka joined Sompo Japan at a very young age.  He was assigned to PGA Sompo Japan Insurance on 2007 as Vice President for Marketing.  He is the youngest officer of the company.  He stayed in PGASJ for three (3) years and was reassigned back to Sompo Japan Head Office.

MH, as the staff of PGASJ calls him is a jolly person.  Upon return to head office, he was featured in the NKSJ advertisement which was published on the NIKKEI Newspaper December 1, 2011.  His article goes like this:

“After joining Sompo Japan, I was thinking about work overseas. After 3 years, I was assigned to Manila working as representative for from 2007 to 2010. There were differences in Laws on Insurance between Philippine and Japan, so that there was a different type of risk management required in Philippines.

In this circumstance, to support my clients, I endeavored to provide loss information and propose safety management to them. Through my work and in my private life, I met many industry officers and many friends in Philippines. Many new friends were management persons in companieswho I may be not able to be in friends if I was working in Japan. This is my precious experience. Also I was part of the executive management for PGA Sompo Japan as a Director. This experience was useful for my current work. manabu2

Internationalization is not only to expand business abroad, but we should have our strategy in which country we have priority to expand our business with consideration of its history, culture and also natural disaster risks.


Currently each country has its own insurance standard, but I think global standard would be necessary for insurance industries in the world. I want to be and try to be one who will build the standard in the future after my job experience in Sompo Japan. Sompo Japan has Job challenging system, which any employee can apply for, then he or she can transfer to new post if he or she passes interview. Like this system, we have good opportunitiesfor the persons who has a challenging spirit. So please join us and let’s challenge to make your dream come true.”