Giving Back

Posted by: melster - September 17, 2016

ceo2On January 28, 2011, (second row, third from left to right) Mr. Yuichiro Funabashi, SEVP; Mr. Hidoki Okabayashi, Director and Secretary General of the Sompo Japan Foundation; Mr. Robert Coyiuto, Jr., Chairman and CEO; Mr. Yasuo Takatsugu, President and COO; and Mr. Prudencio Coyiuto, Board of Directors members, presented a donation worth ¥670,000 to the St. Francis School VAS Arts Philippines Inc.

The donation was initiated by PGA Sompo Japan in cooperation with the NGO desk of the JICA Philippine Office to support the school in promoting effective rehabilitation by early detection of hearing impairment in newborn babies using advanced testing equipment contributed by Sompo Japan Foundation. The school to less privileged areas such as Bulacan.